Saturday, July 26, 2008


This holiday is temporarily interrupted by the desert from heaven.

Peach and Apricot Charlotte with honey ice-cream

Yeah, you're thinking - it's a desert - sounds good.

No no my friends, is *stupendously* delicious.

The crust round the outside it crisp and not too sweet; the peaches and apricots are hot and mushily soft but a little tart in flavour; the ice-cream is sweet and smooth and cold; add those all together in one mouthful......perfection. Your taste buds can't keep up!

And this rather extravagant dinner was due to the fact that it has been obscenely hot in York - despite the weather report saying it was going to be showery today - so we found the first damn restaurant with air conditioning and didn't even think about the price. So, thank you daddy for the money you gave me for my holidays - it bought me two hours in the cool and the perfectist desert ever......


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Ireland Knits said...

How *sweet* -- I am reading up on Emily's life, and love that her father was able to give her something which she enjoyed, and for which she was able to express her thanks with this entry.

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