Wednesday, May 23, 2007

White rabbit

You peeps are so nice to ask how I've gotten on and gently prod me to fulfil what I said I'd do. If it makes you feel at all better (no, why should it?) I haven't written about it because I've been rather busy since.
But the short version is:
It went super-duper well although I was a bit nervous and lots of people said how good it was and it got some good questions afterwards too plus a funny comment from a Brazilian plastic surgeon who obviously wasn't listening (or perhaps she was and just couldn't contain herself). Anyway, the blow by blow will have to wait until the weekend - assuming I'm not feeling the ill-effects of my Yellow Fever jab from today - 1st rabies jab next week and probably also Hep A&B - this Peru lark is seriously bad for my left arm.....
I'm seriously behind on my commenting - I have comments in my head - I swear it!
Toodles til later

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