Friday, January 26, 2007

Green, green, green - it used to be my favourite color

So, have you heard the one about sugar feeding cancer cells; so apparently you shouldn't eat sugar?

And have you heard the one about dairy being full of hormones and fat that increase your risk of cancer; so apparently you shouldn't eat dairy products?

And, have you heard the one about 'acid ash' - foods that make your body 'acidic' and therefore make you get cancer; so don't eat any of them?

And then there are the free radicals (apparently they're not a political party, who knew?)

Then there's the whole wheat - no-wheat dilemma. Fibre: good, BUT - apparently even whole-wheat isn't a whole, other grains are better, aren't they?

Alcohol? Don't make me laugh! Heard the one about "a group of scientists who analysed almost 100 previous studies [and] found that every daily alcoholic drink increases a woman’s breast cancer risk by 10%"? (Key, J., et al., Meta-analysis of Studies of Alcohol and Breast Cancer with Consideration of the Methodological Issues. Cancer Causes Control, 2006. 17(6): p. 759-770)

Oh, and meat - apparently meat feeds cancer cells too. So, better give that up - and you've given up dairy too so you're heading for veganism now. (not that there's anything wrong with being a vegan in and of itself)

So, what to eat?

Broccoli is about as far as I've gotten. Yum. Endless broccoli.

I get this far and I'm totally perplexed. I can't follow all these diets; I just can't. I'll be miserable and grumpy all the time - and what's the point in being alive if the life I end up with is one where I'm miserable and grumpy?

Oh, and I left out the juicing and seeds, or juicing seeds, or something. Not fruit. Beetroots and carrots etc.

Did I mention the being miserable and grumpy? Because now I feel guilty virtually every time I eat anything - which makes me want to rebel and eat lots of really crap food.

Now - broccoli juice anyone?


Kim said...

It has always annoyed me how they can seem to link anything and everything to cancer. Artificial sweetners, red meat, cigarettes and then I've known people who are vegetarians who have never smoked a day in their life who get lung cancer. I think cancer is more times than not, very random and that the best any of us can do is to try to be healthy in what we eat and how we live our lives.

Glad to see you still posting!

Minerva said...

I am SO with you there!
So what the hell DO WE EAT??!1

And no, broccoli juice is just NOT an option!