Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Still here, truely

Hullo - I am still here.
I have been debating whether I am going to continue to post here. Part of me feels like it is time to move on a little and that perhaps this is holding me back. In other news, I've been jolly busy since I got back from Christmas: I still haven't taken down my tree. The lights are too pretty! I'm really quite tired after a weekend away with the Peru-trip girls.
Generally, freaking out is still occuring and I am still a heap of misery sometimes. But - I do look back to the posts of a year ago and know that I am not in such a bad place as I was then. I find it very hard to be a few weeks shy of 2 years since my diagnosis. I can no longer say to people that I had cancer last year - no more excuses, no more explanations. And that makes me feel like I ought not to still be obsessing over it in my head any longer. But I am. So there.
Off for dinner now.
Perhaps I will be back in time.

Think of me as sitting on my time-out step thinking about what I've done (or what's happened to me)

T'ra for now!


Kim said...

Take care of yourself, Em, if you are taking a blogging break! Glad to hear you are doing well! I'll be checking back from time to time to see if you've resurfaced!

Jacqueline said...

Hello there. I just wanted to let you know how important your blog is to others- even if it were only to express your daily life and perhaps commentary of non-cancer related topics. Your blog conveys that life continues to happen and one can still wrap a mind around the days without getting wrapped up in cancer. Your journey is important and you unveil HOPE when you continue to talk "out loud" to us- about anything.
I have included your blog on my website www.rebel1in8.com. If you are opposed to this- please let me know and I will remove it. Enjoy your 'blog-break' and I look forward to your words...