Sunday, August 21, 2005

What a to-do since I last posted....
I have since then:
- had an MRI
- been to Leeds and back

On Tuesday the appointment letter for the MRI arrived and they'd neatly ignored my request for the 7th or 8th of September and made it for August when I'm away. So I telephoned to say 'no can do' and the eventual upshot was having to rush in to have it done on Tuesday afternoon. David literally had time to drive down from Northampton to go with me (thankfully). I mean, I could have managed on my own, but I'd really rather not.
So we went and had it done - uneventful except for rather profuse bleeding after the nurse removed the cannula. I think I've probably got slightly low platelet count at the moment so it took a little longer then normal to clot. So I looked quite gory for a few minutes!! ::hee hee::
At least it's done and dusted and I don't have to think about it while I'm away. When I get back I'll just have to have the portocath flushed and then the silly pre-admission thang just before surgery.
So, Thursday we set out for Leeds from Northampton. On time. Unfortunately once we'd stopped at David's parents and at Sainsburys we were no longer on time and I had to call Vis and say not to wait for us for lunch. We got there at 2.30ish (I think). It's a nice house they have and you can see the airport from their front windows but fortunately they're not under the flight path so it's not too noisy.
Lovely meal in Horsforth at the Town Street Tavern - I had some delish duck, Greek salad and creme brulee (how the *%^& do you spell that?)
Picnic in Golden Acre the next day and I finally met Zoe - she's nearly a year old and has a lot more hair than me!!! :) But she's such a smiley, good natured sweetheart - I can see why her mama loves her to bits. Anyway, we had one incident of vomiting but that was it.... (that was her vomiting, not me - for a change!)
After the park we did a quick jaunt up to Otley Chevin - lovely, green and cool. I picked a sprig of heather to take home with me (for luck, or something).
Quiet night in, watched 'Hero' - I enjoyed it, David thought it was slow.
Last day in Leeds: took Vis for lunch and then stopped at m'dad's - grabbed some stuff to take home: mostly books (of course!) then drove back to Nptn.
Nice weekend - nice to see everyone. Cat, of course, showed me her scar- I hope mine heals as well. I don't usually scar badly so I hope it won't be too obvious (except in the really obvious, only one breast sort of way). Aber and other bits of Wales next: can't wait. Have to try and find a B&B in Aber first though: the folk we were going to stay with can't put us up after all.


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