Friday, August 11, 2006

Life or death - for plants

Having let rather a collection of plants die of dehydration and green-fly munching on me over the last year or so I was desperate to manage to keep a few alive.

I think it was as a sort of celebration or affirmation of the fact I'm alive (yeah, alright, dramatic - shut up) But still, I wanted to prove a point - to enter the world of people who kept things alive.

However I recognised that my past track-record didn't paint a good picture so I didn't aim too high; I tried to be clever by picking drought-loving herbs: sage, lavender, thyme and then I cunningly put those crystal things that absorb water in the pots when I planted them.

Here are the results:

So, we have (from top to bottom) : one not-happy-but-not-dead-yet thyme, one dead sage and one mostly-dead lemon thyme, one flopping and sad-looking lavender and one caterpiller-munched sage.

I suppose I could say that more of them are alive than are dead but they don't look like the lush, green, happy plants they were when I bought them. Plants, why don't you like me?? (Because I don't water you enough - OK, shut up now plants)

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Jeannette said...

Everyone in my family can grow things. My father used to have an amazing vegetable garden and rose garden. My sisters all garden. I kill things and it brings up all kinds of drama in my mind too! The only thing I have had any luck with is bamboo. And according to Chinese tradition, it is supposed to bring good luck. A little good luck never hurt anyone.