Friday, January 27, 2006

Don't add up

So, if I did it all, how come I feel so miserable?
How come it takes me hours to get out of the house in the morning? (Other than the fact I don't actually want to go to work anymore - why won't they pay me to stay home and knit? Unfair, I call it.....)
Have to finish arm exercises, have to make lunch (haven't time) still won't manage to be at work until about 11am - totally outrageous!!! They're wonderfully understanding but I just feel totally guilty every time I walk in the damn building......but obviously not guilty enough to haul my ass out of bed a couple of hours earlier in the morning.
Well, it's dark! Dark means it's still night and therefore it cannot be time to get up - see where logic gets you? LATE!
Then must have breakfast with stupid rice milk because apparently dairy is bad if you have (had) cancer. Takes an hour to eat stupid cereal - not wheat - wheat is bad too (I can't remember why). Nutritionists - fuck off!! (if you're a nutritionist, I'm sorry, but all this 'eat this, don't eat that' lark is making me stressed. Life is too short - I am acutely aware of this and I want to have a life while I have one and not spend it juicing celery (no, I do not have a juicer - HAVE YOU SEEN HOW MUCH THEY COST!!!!!! About 100 quid (180 bucks). This, to my mind, is totally outrageous and I'll just chew the celery thank you - added bonus of fibre and cleans teeth) I have too many brackets going on - I'm confused I'll just stick some in and start a new sentence). There, so much better. Don't try and make sense of it - just flow.....or some such malarkey.
Must. Go. To. Work.
Must. Catalogue. Dull. Books.
At least the sun is out - maybe I don't have to cry this morning.

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