Friday, March 03, 2006

50 things that make me happy

50 is hard - 50 is a lot. So here are 10 more:

11) Purring pussycats on my lap (as opposed to the one who clobbers my ankles from under the chair as I pass: Maxwell!)
12) Smell of mown grass and jasmine
13) Finishing a knitting/crochet project successfully
14) Shopping for a new knitting/crochet project - I love handling all the yarns, feeling the textures and comparing the colors
15) Clean, high thread count percale sheets
16) Orange chocolate
17) Dinner at the Lemongrass (Cambodian, yum)
18) The robin who flies through the window in and out of our office (except when he craps on my desk)
19) Real letters in the mail - someone who has made the effort to put a real pen to real paper and stick on a stamp is special
20) Surprise presents, for no reason, because you saw something that you thought I'd like

Are they getting more bizarre/surreal? Just another 30 to go......
Is this as hard as I'm making out? What's your list of 50? I promise not to crib - unless it's really good! (And maybe I'll try out some I haven't done before.....)

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